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Blizzard Is Offering Black Friday Discount on Overwatch, StarCraft and Warcraft

Blizzard Is Offering Black Friday Discount on Overwatch, StarCraft and Warcraft

Posted time: Nov 23,2016

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The Black Friday is the last friday of November, the day after Thanksgiving Day(Nov.24). A lot of stores grab this opportunity to get a great of deals by doing promotions for their products . Blizzard is also among these stores.
Blizzard Entertainment offers discounts for some games(but not all) on online store during the Black Friday week, offering a decent deal on games such as Overwatch, StarCraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm.
Overwatch of the Windows PC version: The price decrease 40% off the original price, is only $34.99 now, the same price as the console versions of the game at retailers like GameStop and Sony’s PlayStation Store and Microsoft’s Xbox Games Store.
Blizzard sells World of Warcraft, including every expansion through Warlords of Draenor at a price of $4.99. That’s 75 percent off the standard $19.99 price. But the game’s latest expansion, Legion, is sold separately.
StarCraft 2’s first and second chapter, Wings of Liberty, and Heart of the Swarm, are on sale with $9.99 for each. Legacy of the Void, the Protoss-focused third chapter, is on sale for $19.99.
For Blizzard’s free-to-play action strategy game Heroes of the Storm, there are two discounted bundles available: the Legends of the Nexus Bundle, which includes heroes Kerrigan, Tassadar and Leoric, one skin for each of those characters and two mounts, is on sale for $39.99 (down from original price $86.42); and the Altered War Bundle — “Sonya, Arthas, Illidan, Tyrande, and Sylvanas heroes, along with the Wrath Sonya, Crown Prince Arthas, Shan’do Illidan, Blood Elf Tyrande, and Ranger General Sylvanas skins” — on sale for $9.99 (down from $82.90).
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