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Blizzard Will Remove The AP Earned From Players Who Excessively Abused The Exploit

Blizzard Will Remove The AP Earned From Players Who Excessively Abused The Exploit

Posted time: Nov 21,2016

world of warcraft legion warriors

People who have excessively abused the WoW artifact power exploit will be punished by Blizzard.

Blizzard announced that they will remove the worst offenders to get the APs so they spend the time to complete exploits that are completely wasted. Reddit is a love of chatting mobile and the response is positive because your expectations are very collective with emotion, guttural laughs.

For the next step for the World of Warcraft, here is a brief summary of WoW patch 7.1.5.

WoW has long had exploits that less rigorous players benefit. When you have so many interlocking systems, bugs will occur, some of which will cause the player to upgrade. The Legion has no differenve, combines ith the recent patch and rolling content patches, meaning that the tasks in the past week have become repeatable, letting players who notice and willing to take risks of punishment repeating its massive Artifact Power, Bonus Extensions, Unlock New Capabilities and Upgrade Statistics endlessly. Blizzard immediately banned any obvious knowing what they were doing - but did not remove the reward they got. As a result, players who are willing to cheat are rewarded with weeks of good luck, taking a break on the wrist of the day.

Game director Ion Hazzikostas announced that actions has been taken to the attackers in the forum post yesterday. This led to a no-riad night of several top guilds, because they knew but not so honest members rested one night. However, these players are now starting to come back online, as noted in Reddit and later threads, suggesting that the ban is the best.

Even more annoying gamers are lacking real punishments, however. All farms have artefact strength - there is one person got1.4 million while others claim up to 2 million - still there. As a reference, a few hours of gameplay may get you hundreds of thousands of APs if you are particularly efficient. Even the hardcore Raiders and Dungeon Mills did not get a million in less than a week. A raid night and a 24-hour fight with other things is worth it, much more than the average player, especially with the world's first game still in the latest dungeon, mythical courage trials.

In addition, it is the latest in a series of 10-year-old player power attacks to be effective with impunity. This review details the story in detail as the story goes back to the burning crusaders to expand the player to collect large amounts of gold or other resources, and when the bug fixes, accept little or no actual punishment. Another thread talks about various game spoilers that pop up during Legion's lifecycle, allowing a player to have enough gold to play WoW for one year, and then sell the remaining gold medal to gold farmers to buy a new card. In fact, Hazzikostas' initial reply was a poster, who wanted power cases in artifacts that did not happen because it was often in the past - or even a 24-hour ban.

Players are not happy, you can understand. Not only those who do not know the loopholes behind, but also those who do, and decide that it is not worth the risk of being stupid. These people are now more likely to exploit in the future, a few in that thread a person says they will develop in the future, and now, at least until one of these groups becomes a permanent injunction or harsh punishment example. Blizzard hope that the attention of these complaints, and issue a more reasonable response.

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