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World of Warcraft News: Is It Reasonable to Ban Guild For An Unfixed Mythic Odyn Raid?

World of Warcraft News: Is It Reasonable to Ban Guild For An Unfixed Mythic Odyn Raid?

Posted time: Nov 17,2016


A guild faced temporary ban from Blizzard for exploiting the Mythic Odyn bug. It seems there is no anything rong, but what the community questioned now is why the Blizzard didn't take any actions to fix the bug during the beta, to avoid the abuse in the first place. Now, is it reasonable to ban all the guilds and players that have exploited the bug?

Reddit's latest thread shows a guild wiped out of the myth of World of Warcraft Audi raid by using a specific bug Blizzard has not yet repaired, despite being reported back in the early beta phase of the dungeon.

A recent thread from Reddit shows a guild clearing World of Warcraft Mythic Odyn Raid through the use of a specific bug which Blizzard has yet to fix despite being reported way back in the early beta phase of the dungeon. Now, players participating in the raid face a temporary ban (duration not specified) for exploiting the game.Some players now questioned that why Blizzard did not take actions to fix the bug at first time-which leads a biggers problem, especially those that plan to clear the dungeon without using any exploits or bug abuse.

World of Warcraft Mythic Odyn Bug

The bug in the mythical Odyn run can be performed after pulling Odyn and letting your entire raid wipe a few times (without the exact amount). After deliberately wiping the entire team at least 3-4 times, the whole Odin fights and then bugs, which will cause the main boss to include both of its additions (Hyrja and Hymdall) in addition to the basic automatic attacks. In short, the entire World of Warcraft game mechanism of the myth run is deleted, the rest is just for you to kill all the Odyn.

Now, a lot of pugs and guilds have already exploited this bug, the first reported Blizzard ban is the guild unity. You can see their entire mythology here Odin shows how easy it is to attack. In Reddit post, it was said that after the operation, all of the  20 + World of Warcraft players have been suspended for Blizzard. Now, they may sound right because they deliberately exploit the game to some extent, but in fact, this bug already exists since its beta phase, but has not been fixed from the community point of view is quite confusing.

The Problem From World of Warcraft Mythic Odyn Exploit

One of the World of Warcraft problems that causes from the exploit is the fact that  a lot of players who are never aware of it to be assembled from their guild leaders or just be forced to do so (because it can be easily cleared without any tactics, any).  Also, isn't it going to be at the end of Blizzard to fix any notable bugs that were reported during the beta? After all, beta is there to prevent any bugs arriving in the game in live version.

Now, despite knowing the bug for a long time, Blizzard should take immediate steps to prevent this exploitation in the first place. So from the community point of view, banning all players, guilds and pugs used this operation is reasonable? How does Blizzard correctly solve this problem? Please Stay tuned for more World of Warcraft news on IGXE.Com! You can also buy cheap Wow Gold safely and quickly online there!

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