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Demon Army of The World of Warcraft Legion Invades the Azeroth

Demon Army of The World of Warcraft Legion Invades the Azeroth

Posted time: Nov 15,2016

Demon Army To Invade Azeroth

Blizzard Entertainment launched a popular multiplayer online game which named The World of Warcraft in 2004. This is the forth game from the fantasy WoW merge and the game was released on the tenth anniversary of the franchise.

Burning Crusade, the first episode of the game came to the game world in January 2007. The Wrath of the Lich King is the second version of the game released in November 2008. The third game is the Big Disaster released in December 2007. Giant pandas and Delano's warlords are the fourth and fifth episodes of the game. Legion is the sixth episode of this game which is grand launched in August 2016.

Legion Version and Features

During the Blizzcon in California, the World of Warcraft manufacturer Blizzard gives the player a detailed description of the patch they are looking for. These patches are named patch 7.1.5 and patch 7.2.

At the end of the day in Blizzcon, the developers surprised Players by providing a reminder that players would go to Argus, Delaney's home, another planet during the game. In an interview with World of Warcraft game director Ion Hazzikostas, he confirmed to Argus will happen, but it will not be part of these new patches. Instead, they want to use it as patch 7.3, rather than another separate game.

Gameplay: Argus the Planet

Argus is a huge planet in World of Warcraft. It will serve as the main power source of the Legion's devil army invading to Azeroth in the latest version. According to Cinemablend, Argus and Delaney will play a key role in Legion's expansion pack.

The orcs defeated the draenei and served as slaves. Lore buffs will know this. Orcs' this action led the war between them. This war has become more effective because of the magic species that works with the Alliance.

Hazzikostas says these are just samples of things packaged in a patch. It is hard to tell many stories without spillover, but the manufacturer is not ready to do so. They revealed that Argus was just making sure that Patch 7.2 was not the end of the legendary game, much more waiting for players, even after those patches.

What Should You Expect?

Without these patches, the game will disappear gradually, because Blizzard has lost a large number of fans in recent years. Some players think that there is not much left over for the game apart from some tasks. So the reputation of this game has been lost in the past few years.

Many game enthusiasts return to this game and experience Legion expansion from World of Warcraft with these new features. This expansion is only a step taken by developers to attract and hold them. However, on the first day of the launch, 3.3 million copies of the new legion were sold. It shows game enthusiasts in the game of World of Warcraft to stick to it.

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