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'World Of Warcraft' Private Server Nostalrius Returns As a New Name

'World Of Warcraft' Private Server Nostalrius Returns As a New Name

Posted time: Nov 14,2016

nostalrius is back

"World of Warcraft" private server Nostalrius went offline in April 2016 after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from Blizzard Entertainment. Now, Gamers, get ready! "World of Warcraft" server Nostalrius is finally came back a new name! Nostalrius source code and tools have been shared with traditional Elysium projects.

During the recent BlizzCon, the Nostalrius team announced plans for their traditional domain, which could fulfill the dream of many "WoW" fans all over the world. As for Blizzard Entertainment, they reveal the details of the "World of Warcraft: Legion", but the left side of the vanilla "WoW".

The Nostalrius team then decided to take the matter to the community by releasing the Nostalrius source code and tools, especially a private server designed to recover Nostalrius.

Nostalrius released their statement. They gave the source code of their server, but did not re-create it themselves, but continue to work with Elysium - the existing Legacy project, which is considered to have similar values of passion and volunteerism. The source code will be given to "Elysium", which has many older Nostalrius volunteers.

Elysium heritage project developers released on Reddit, confirmed the change. Elysium announced that all current characters have been saved and frozen due to the transfer.Elysium express their thankfulness by accepting the player database and core of Nostalrius. In addition to that, Elysium shared the growing number of their team,  most especially for Nostalrius' coming. Elysium is trying to bring a real legacy server to the private server community.

Blizzard Entertainment, on the other hand, stood up under the bombardment of the vanilla WoW theme. Blizzard prepares to bring things to court if needed.

What makes people want to know? This is a problem if Blizzard is ready to take legal action against Nostalrius, why would they not do the same to Elysium?

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