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Blizzard Says That Warcraft 1 or 2 Won’t Be Remastered

Blizzard Says That Warcraft 1 or 2 Won’t Be Remastered

Posted time: Nov 11,2016

wow 1 & 2

Blizzard recently announced that "World of Warcraft" will not re-create their first and second versions. According to Windows reports, this topic is asked by a players during the BlizzCon 2016 to the company's co-founder Frank Pearce. Which laid the foundation for World of Warcraft. The response can serve as a response to most players, as he replies that Blizzard, despite having all the assets and resources of the game, has no plans to remake the first two games in the Warcraft series.

Although Blizzard has made great success in the past few months, but Blizzard does not seem very open. "We are fortunate to have all the original source code and assets we've done in the past, but the fact proves that it's really hard to access these things, unlock it and figure out how it works because we're old, Forgotten, "Pearce said.

"We have some professionals who are keen on this idea and have taped the assets and code of Warcraft 1. They got it working and they let it run in a window. And i have played it. The Warcraft: Orcs & Humans was awesome for its time. I promise you it is just not much fun any more in nowaday's world according to today's standard.

"We have limited resources with everything we choose to do," Pierce said. "We would be more willing to make stunning content for World of Warcraft or watch the vanguard, or evaluate what the future project pipeline might be, we devote our time to that, rather than traced back to dig these fossils.

In order to reduce the mood, Blizzard said they are further planning to re-release the "Diablo 3" , the original "Diablo", and "Warcraft 3" and "StarCraft", indicating that they do not completely ignore their Old game of nostalgia.

"We fully appreciate your enthusiasm for those old games," Pierce said. "We also love them.

There is still no any  appearance associated with the three titles of Blizzcon this year, so it looks like gamers need wait for a pretty big period of time ahead of them. As for Warcraft 1 and 2, they will be sadly stay in the past.

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