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Details of the World of Warcraft Patch 7.2: The Tomb of Sargeras

Details of the World of Warcraft Patch 7.2: The Tomb of Sargeras

Posted time: Nov 10,2016

tomb of sargeras

As we know, Blizzard Reveals Patch 7.2, Titled 'The Tomb of Sargeras'. Then what's Patch 7.2, and what we can experience from the new updated patch? Why it is called The Tomb of Sargeras? Do you want to know more about the The Tomb of Sargeras? Just read the following and get all the answers together with us!

Return to Broken Shore


In the alliance and tribal army brutally failed place, occupation coalition will win. Each career lobby battle will be broken in the beach extension, and the emergence of a new force - Army nemesis. Players will help the Army nemesis erection base, on the island to establish the initial foothold, and step by step defeat the Burning Legion of the line of defense, and ultimately into their base camp. But in order to do this, all professional alliances need to unite forces, strengthen some of the ancient wizard building, and upgrade them to empty jammers, command center or the Master Tower, in order to obtain additional advantages.

In addition to many other challenges, the broken beaches will be a new world mission.

Legion struck

Burning Legion will not stop the invasion of Azeroth. With the fight against the Burning Legion intensified, a new round of attacks will start in the broken islands, the heroes will once again shoulder the mission to stop the invasion. Each invasion will be broken in multiple regions of the islands briefly staged fierce fighting, and open a new three-scene battle, allowing the player to board the Burning Legion airship operations.


  Is there a better thing to do than flying in the broken islands? You can fly in the new epic horses. Complete the broken beach campaign, and in the Army nemesis to worship prestige, you will be able to get a professional exclusive mounts, as the defeat of the Burning Legion of awards.

The new team copy: the tomb of Sargeras

The other end of the broken coast, stands the tomb of Sargeras. The underground city was originally Elune's temple, and now there will be nine new leaders in there waiting for you. Gul'dan from the dark fortress of the hands of the fifth pillars of creation - the eye of Oman Sur, the depth of the abyss of the tomb of Sargeras, the pillars of the creation of the Burning Legion invaded Azeroth Of the portal.

New underground city: the night of the cathedral

We have not been in the patch for a long time to add underground city, so we think that this new four-headed underground city - the night of the cathedral to add is the time. A copy of the team needs a hero to dig deep into the grave, while the focus of the new underground city is to climb the top of the tower. We will use the Aglama Shield to open our way to other parts of the grave.

PvP fighting

Inspired by other Blizzard games fighting mode, battlefield chaos will change the rules of the original battlefield. We will launch a new chaotic fighting every week, to increase the diversity of casual battlefield games are played. The scalable system will plan many different scams.

Artifact update

Artifact is the main content of the current piece of information, many players are constantly accumulating knowledge of artifacts, unlock new features, and upgrade the artifact as a key element of the role. In the 7.2 patch, we will make some corresponding new system upgrades.
Dungeon update

In addition to adding a new underground city, we also hope to continue to update the old underground city, to maintain their relationship with the entire piece of information. Karazhan can also use the epic key, but the size of nine leaders too large. To this end, we will Karazhan is divided into two parts. Divided into two 4-pronged areas, Karazhan will work with the existing underground city, as well as the new night of the cathedral as the operation. You can use the epic key to the total number of underground city will be increased to 12. In order to ensure the relevance of the epic key Dungeons and games, we will also enhance the quality of reward and fighting difficulty. In addition, we will try some new key stones affix.

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