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'World of Warcraft: Legion' Gameplay: Players Are In For A Deeper Storyline - Going To Argus For Patch 7.3

'World of Warcraft: Legion' Gameplay: Players Are In For A Deeper Storyline - Going To Argus For Patch 7.3

Posted time: Nov 09,2016

world-of-warcraft 7.3

"World of Warcraft" may be very old, but its developers seem to never have any enthusiastic idea to encourage players to beg for more. Earlier, they have promised to provide a stable content for the "World of Warcraft: Legion" expansion.


With the recent development, it looks like they are taking on such a commitment. In addition to the forthcoming release of "World of Warcraft: Legion" patch 7.1.5, it was announced that Patch 7.2 will feature Sargeras' grave in BlizzCon 2016, while for patch 7.3, the player is sent to another place called Argus.


World of Warcraft: Legion of Patch 7.3 details revealed


Game director Ion Hazzikostas told IGN and revealed why the team had already revealed the details of patch 7.3 because it was placing patch 7.2 in a more desirable environment. He added that it would be hard to say they do not destroy the "World of Warcraft: Legion" patch 7.2 story, they will be very careful not to do.


They want their players to know that there is more story content waiting for them. Otherwise, "World of Warcraft: Legion" patch 7.2 may sound like an outcome.


As to why they chose Argus for the upcoming patch, he revealed that it was because they wanted to "World of Warcraft: Legion" more in-depth into the expansion of the secret. Patch 7.4 will exhaustively reveal the origins of the Legion's forces at all angles, which will make it very interesting.


World of Warcraft: Legion update: expansion, may split


Hazzikostas also overturned the speculation that Argus might cause a divestiture or its own expansion, which he said was excessive in this regard. He also assures that such will will form part of a very complex legion and will make the flow of events seem natural when the player begins to explore "World of Warcraft: Legion".


The polygons report that in the "World of Warcraft" hobby, Argus is another planet in the huge World of Warcraft, and is actually one of the main seats in the Burning Legion's powers. This planet was once the home of the playable Dranei race, a faction of a totally evacuated planet, when the devil took over and destroyed it all.


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