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The headless knightagainon Halloween!

The headless knightagainon Halloween!

Posted time: Oct 24,2016

The Halloween, intendedto becomeforgotten in celebration ofcontrolin thescourge.

Ai Ze Lars was the proprietorof thehotel will give candy and toys topay a visit toany traveler, everywhere isfullof laughter and makesensiblejoke.
The mosthorrible festivalfrom theyear has arrived,along with theno head knight ison thestageonce again, spreadingfearamongstthe inhabitants of Ai Ze Lars.
Time: October the 18th - November 1st
Place: in Azeroth, Northrend, pandaria, Outland, and Delano, the Broken Isles (Dalaran)aroundthe hotel to play trick or treat,you will getutilisedto purchasescrumptioussnacks and Halloween commodity currencies.





Contactout the fire brigade - no head knight has been destroyedinside therazor hilland also thetown of glitter!
When you arebraveenough,go tothe graveyardin theScarlet Monastery to challenge the no head knight.If you areluckyenoughto beat him,possiblyhe can ride his horse!
Within theHalloween period, anyrolecanreachlevel 110in thecity search queue involved in terrorist fighting.

This yearyou can getsome newfactors,which includesthe trick or treat:

An ominous pet snack
Halloween Wand - Banshee
The exquisite Gaylord Maxu suit
Game player can in Nashville Sara performinga brand newjob. Wewill have toinitialto findXi Braden twisted tree witch to undertake theprocess,fullthe storycan bereceived andhave theopportunityto treat or trick4leadingmagic cap of witch.


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