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World of Warcraft: Legion Patch 7.1 ‘Return To Karazhan’ Announced; Karazhan Returns AsLargeDungeon

World of Warcraft: Legion Patch 7.1 ‘Return To Karazhan’ Announced; Karazhan Returns AsLargeDungeon

Posted time: Aug 19,2016

In the course ofBlizzard'sPlanetof Warcraft presentation at Gamescom itmadeclear thatit really isarranginga "steady stream of content"in the course ofLegion. This has been the game's weakest pointthrough theprevioushandful ofyears, aslengthycontent materialdroughts have pre-empted expansion launches.

Globeof Warcraft: Legion, thecommonmassively multiplayer game’s sixth expansion pack,won’tberesideuntilAug. 30, but that hasn’t stopped Blizzard from announcing what’ssubsequent.Duringa stream at Gamescom, the developer revealed "Return to Karazhan" (a.k.a. Patch 7.1).The initialmajorupdate for the new expansion.

Based onspecifics,from thestream gathered by MMO Champion, the patch willconcentrate onthe titular Karazhan, which was awell-liked10-player raid backthroughout thegame’s1stexpansion. The Burning Crusade.In lieu ofa raid, the updated version of Karazhanmight bea five-man dungeon,even thoughit will bebiggerthanthe majority of theother dungeonswithin thegame. Blizzardstatedit'llincludenine bosses.

It is possible towatch ashortteaser for "Return to Karazhan," as rippedfrom thestream by MMO Champion,inside thevideo above. Most notably, the trailer hintsat thereturn of Medivh,a significantplayer from Warcraft lore whobeganthe eventsof theseries by opening up a portalamongAzeroth and Draenor,residenceplaneton thearcs. Medina was alsoone of manystars of this summer's Warcraftfilm.
In anticipation of Legion's debut, in just two weeks, Blizzard has revealedthe very firstmajorpost-launch update for the expansion.It really isgettingcalledPatch 7.1 Return to Karazhan, and it has someparticularcontentin-store for players.

wow 7.1

Blizzard promised that Patch 7.1will alsofeaturesomeoutsidecontent materialfor non-raiders. Andfor all thosewho like goingin to theold level 70 versions of Karazhan and farming it forraredrops, no worries: The developer promisedyou’llstillbe able toaccess the lower-level versionwith theraidas well.

Possiblythe mostsurprising bit of this news is just how close "Return to Karazhan"is tocompletion. Blizzardmentionedthe contentsof thesubstantialpatch will go uparound thegame’s public test realmappropriateimmediately afterLegion launchesin theendof yourmonth.Typically, patches areon thetest realmfor anymonth or two at mostahead ofthey goreside.

Within thestream, Blizzard noted thisspeedytimeline aspart ofthe company’srisingdevotion toacquiringGlobeof Warcraftcontent materialoutin atimely manner. The developersaidit intends foreveryraid tier in Legion tofinalfor4tofivemonths, and that therewon'tbe a "content drought"in betweenthefinishof1expansionplus thesubsequentexpansion’s release, ashappenedwithbothwith theprecedingtwo expansion sets, Warlords of Draenor and Mists of Pandaria.
Arabianis alsotheconcentrateon themost recentadventure add-on for Blizzard's Warcraft-based digital card game, Hearthstone.You are able toobtainall of thespecificson thathereorcheckout a video of us playing itbelow.


Amongstthe offeringswill probably bea refreshed version of Karazhan,certainly one ofGlobeof Warcraft's most well-regarded raids.It willincludeninein the11 original bosses for players to conquerwithin adesignthat'srelatedto theNaxxramas raid in Wrathwith theLich King.
The patchwill alsoincludesomeoutdoorcontent.It isworth noting that old Karazhan willremainsoyou'll be able topay a visit toeachversions at any time.


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