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Silence Penalty is About to Change the Way People View World of Warcraft

Silence Penalty is About to Change the Way People View World of Warcraft

Posted time: Jul 18,2016

Now is your chance to report all the annoying people who have been spamming or sending abusive messages to you or your friends in the World of WarcraftBecause Blizzard has brought significant changes into its existing policies. The new policy is termed as the ‘Silence Policy’ by the Blizzard Entertainment in a bid to make the WoW’s online environment free from all the abusive people.

This new penalty will silence all those accounts that have been reported ‘spam’ on multiple occasions by their fellow subscribers. This penalty will be putinto action only after the Blizzard Entertainment has run their investigation.

A single penalty will stop the players from communicating on 24 hours period, and the multiple reports of the same person will curb their ability to communicate freely in the WoW for a very long period.

Of course, the Silence Penalty doesn’t mean that the player will be silenced entirely for that specific duration, but it merely means that those players will be restricted in certain abilities. Though the players will still be able to receive whispers and will be capable of sending whispers to other players of WoW, they will not be allowed to send invitations and mails. They will also not be able to chat with other players.

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The complete breakdown of the restrictions under the Silence Penalty can be viewed here.

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