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World of Warcraft: Legion is to prize the players with huge gold

World of Warcraft: Legion is to prize the players with huge gold

Posted time: Jun 13,2016

You might find that it was not as easy to get the WOW Gold, while we are looking behind the passing days of Vanilla World of Warcraft. With the launching of each Expansion, the costs of gold seem to tend to keep increasing.  Well, today, it is relatively simple to gain the several thousand pieces of gold via running the instance, dailies and finishing normal quests. 

It is appeared that inflation of this game has become increasingly obvious in recent years. And it’s possible that have thousands of potential players will be hidden, if there are no millions of valuable gold being away in the impending Legion Expansion. Well, Blizzard is to prize his players with huge gold, which provide them a path to send it all together! If you are a beginner of World of Warcraft, then you can find a new gold cap set as 10,000,000. And you will be introduced to a new NPC who known as the Mad Merchant.

At the present, he comes out to be selling only four items. 

The first is the Bloodfang Cocon that is a new spider mount, which worth as much as 2000,000 gold. Subsequently, there comes out as the Prismatic Bauble which cost of 250,000 gold. It departs behind a trail of rainbows whenever the player starts moving. This effect continues for twenty seconds and cool-down for twenty minutes. 

The second one is the luggage of Madam that worth 500,000 gold, and it is fundamentally a 34 slot bag. Then, the gamers can find the Celestial Calf. It is a new fighting pet which to put a price on 1000,000 gold. Apparently, there are huge items that are to be out of reach for the most of players. However, if one does have enough gold, he could to spend it in this way. 

Mentioned the World of Warcraft Movie, the kingdom of Azeroth is introduced to the verge of war in the Warcraft movie and it was on June 10. Depends on the wildly-well-liked PC game, World of Warcraft, Cast earning and the Meteoritic rise to FameSee show us how World of Warcraft turned out to be the most well-liked video game ever. Consideration of gaming success of World of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment of Activision launched his last Five Expansions, and this game got 11.5 million subscribers in 2008. Even he lost many players for these years, and personally speaking, I think he will call back and gain a large amount of new potential players back when the Legion Expansion is release. 

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