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Service station announcement: World of Warcraft Legion Advent September 1 online

Service station announcement: World of Warcraft Legion Advent September 1 online

Posted time: May 18,2016

World of Warcraft: Army Pro world September 1 Taiwan, Hong Kong all out war

World of Warcraft: Army Pro world Taiwan, Hong Kong server will be fully flames of war from September 1! Reopen the Tomb of Sargeras, the Burning Legion demons into our world, ready warriors. Imminent destruction. Visit the official website of world military Pro Learn more about "World of Warcraft" the sixth piece of information information.

In addition, this will be the introduction of World of Warcraft: Army Pro world entity Collector's Edition, contains in addition to Taiwan, Hong Kong server exchange: Collection Package Contents World of Warcraft Army Pro world, but also includes: fine art pictures, behind the scenes Highlights DVD and BD, the game soundtrack and military Pro world mouse pad .and so on, more details will be announced later.

Beta testing is now open run

Beta testing has officially started running! Army Pro World Beta Test now includes the new occupation Demon Hunter, broken Islands initial experience, a new upgrade process and the highest level of the region, the new magic weapon system, as well as other more content. Participating in Beta testing players were able to 100 characters to create new template role, to let them ready attitude to explore new game content. Read Beta update file content for more details. Army Pro World Beta testing is not confidentiality agreement, so we very much welcome the invited players are free to discuss their experiences, and share screenshots, video, and broadcast live game content. Remember that the game is still in the development stage ─ With the progress of Beta testing, we will change the content of the game, so experienced in Beta testing phase in the game and game content may be developed and different after the listing.

How to get Beta test status

After you create a Battle.net account, and bind at least one Blizzard game, you can choose to Beta Test data settings page if you want to participate in our Beta test. You can choose what you are interested in participating in the test game ─ Make sure to check the option World of Warcraft, and then select Update Preferences. Beta testing players were selected to participate will receive an email invitation to guide players to download directly through Battle.net Beta client application. Please pay special attention to fishing letter ─ If you are unsure of the authenticity of the invitation you received, please log in to your Battle.net account after under your game account view if you get the World of Warcraft: Army Pro world" Beta test status.



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