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Warcraft Trailer Remade With WOW Visuals Is A Treat For Fans Of The Game

Warcraft Trailer Remade With WOW Visuals Is A Treat For Fans Of The Game

Posted time: May 17,2016

The upcoming Warcraft film from director Duncan Jones already looks to be incredibly faithful to Blizzard's popular fantasy franchise. And WOW gold for sale on igxe.com.

The movie seems to have recreated many environments, characters, weapons and more from World of Warcraft with a loving attention to detail. From the larger-than-life orcs to the majestic city of Stormwind, Warcraft truly does look to have brought the digital realm of Azeroth to life.


So what would Warcraft look like if it was actually made using World of Warcraft? Something like this. In an impressive trailer remake from Ivan Kuzkin, fans of the game can see what the upcoming summer blockbuster would look like if Blizzard had created it.


This shot-for-shot recreation truly does hit it out of the park. Though it doesn't feature any of the dialogue from the trailer or the original trailer's music selection, the remake recreates all of the trailer's most memorable scenes: Lothar leaping onto the back of a gryphon, the orcs visiting Westfall, Gul'dan standing menacingly in front of the Dark Portal, an orc tossing a horse, the sweeping shots of the human capitol of Stormwind and massive armies of humans and orcs clashing in a field. It's all there and it all looks great rendered with World of Warcraft's signature visual style.


It truly does feel like many of the scenes come straight from the game itself. While Blizzard always crafts impressive opening CG cinematics for World of Warcraft's various expansions, in-game storytelling is done using the game's actual engine. This trailer remake could easily be mistaken for one of Blizzard's own in-game cinematics.


You can check out the trailer below, as well as a side-by-side comparison video to see how the film and game versions match up.


Warcraft is in theaters everywhere on June 10. Meanwhile, the next World of Warcraft expansion, Legion, is set to arrive on Aug. 30. Those who have a subscription to the game in the two months following the movie's release will receive a batch of exclusive transmogrification items for use in World of Warcraft.


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