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New Chapter Coming to Star Wars the Old Republic May 4

New Chapter Coming to Star Wars the Old Republic May 4

Posted time: Apr 26,2016

Bioware Announced that there will be a new chapter added to the Star Wars the Old Republic game coming out on May 4, 2016. It is the perfect day for the release as May the 4th has always been a sort of comical play on words for Star Wars fans because of the way that it sounds like may the force…”


The chapter will be called “Profit and Plunder,” and the focus of the story will be for players to retrieve a particular item of possession from the Eternal Empire. Of course, the Empire is not too happy that the player is attempting to do this, and has set out to try to stop the mission. The player is joined by two characters that will help navigate and fight to help the mission to succeed.


According to Bioware, the chapter in Knights of the Fallen Empire gives the player a chance to stop the Empire from its gains and to turn the tide in a way that gives the Rebel alliance, as well as the player, a chance to defeat their enemies. It is a “high-risk mission” to grab the plunder form Arcann’s secret treasury. Included in the quest are two notorious thieves, Gault Rennow and Vette.


As part of the new chapter there is also a new gladiator challenge in the Eternal Championship. If the player is able to defeat all 10 of the bosses, then they are able to convince the Wookie gladiator Companion Bowdaar to join their team for future gladiatorial battles.


For those who are subscribers, they are currently able to play Star Wars the Old Republic all the way through every chapter of Knights of the Fallen Empire up to the Visions of the Dark chapter. For those who subscribe to join the game before May 1, they will receive a special HK-55 themed Ship Droid Companion that they can customize as a reward for subscribing. This is a part of the Subscriber Rewards Program.


The new chapter has already garnered a lot of excitement among game players who are looking forward to the new features that will be included. Bioware is hoping that there will be a 10 to 15 percent increase in players who wish to take advantage of the May 1 rewards program offer, and will seek to get the advantages of becoming a regular subscriber.


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