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The Tale of the Knights of the Old Republic II and How They Became Great

The Tale of the Knights of the Old Republic II and How They Became Great

Posted time: Apr 26,2016

For many video game and online game enthusiasts, the purpose and history behind a character can sometimes be left more to the imagination than for the game player to have knowledge. There is no real backstory that is told to the fans of the game, so they are left to wonder what the true story may be.


However, there are times when the game creators have decided to provide the details of an existing game, introducing characters in a way that allows the players to know more about the characters they encounter. This is true of Star Wars the Old Republic: Knights of the Old Republic II.


Before Knights of the Old Republic was even in the stores, the developers of the game decided to build a sequel to the game, allowing the developers of the game to have a continuation that will keep the fans of the game wanting more, and wanting to stick with the game knowing they would have a continuation on its way.


The sequel had some flaws to it, but this came as a result of the developers, working for Obsidian, who tried to bite off a little more than they could chew. It was an ambitious project that had a limited timeline to get it done, and this led to some flaws, but ones that were not too significant. Mainly these flaws were technical problems related to its interaction with the original game.


There are improvements for sure, which mainly relate to the expanded development of the character skills and the stories that you learn about the characters. This has set the game apart from many of the other games of this nature, allowing fans to know some rather personal and intimate details about the characters. This has been a big winner with players and reviewers alike, who like the added touch of knowing the characters’’ lives much more personally.


Another feature that many are liking about the new edition is that there is no real right or wrong – no light and dark sides. The game is intended to provide a great deal of moral ambiguity, to allow the player to draw on their own ethics to determine if a course of action is right or wrong. This also removes a player from being on the dark side or the light side, so there is no clear evil and good in the game.


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