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Announcement about Value Changes and South American Server-TOS group

Announcement about Value Changes and South American Server-TOS group

Posted time: Apr 21,2016

Until yesterday, the Founder's Pack merchandise had been offered for acquire at rates set by Steam, which take the living standards of individual nations into consideration. If, for example, a player from NA had to pay $49.99 to get a package, one more player living inside a diverse nation was capable to purchase it for half that value or perhaps less.


Players can essentially obtain the Founder's Pack at a decrease regional value, acquire Tokens together with the TP earned, and sell them available to acquire silver. Players in regions where the value is not discounted face a loss when compared with them.

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This just isn't what they intended when they made the Token and marketplace systems. Any tradeable items in one particular server ought to be sold at the similar price to all customers. Therefore they requested Steam to change the price policy ahead of releasing new TP bundles and transitioning to F2P to prevent difficulties ahead of time. The costs had been changed yesterday mainly because our request was handled.


They sincerely apologize for disappointing people who faced sudden, drastic value boost without the need of being notified beforehand, and They'd prefer to provide the following options.


1. They're going to open a South American server. They'll open it just after the team transfers to EU and SEA servers have completed, then start off taking transfer requests from Klaipeda and Orsha for the new SA server. They're cancelling previous announcement that there is going to be no new SA Steam server.


Please note that they can only move teams from Klaipeda and Orsha to the new SA server. Transfer from Fedimian and Telsiai will not be supported. In addition, in contrast to the prior transfer to Fedimian and Telsiai, they will open the SA server first after which transfer teams to it. they are going to commence taking team transfer requests towards the new SA server as soon as subsequent week. They'll take request tickets till the starting of May possibly, in the same manner and process as they have completed for the transfer to EU and SEA servers.


2. They're going to apply distinctive costs to the SA and SEA servers soon after transitioning to F2P. The discount rate are going to be announced separately later. The Tokens purchased on SA and SEA servers cannot be traded on NA or EU servers, so they anticipate that fairness is not going to be a problem as mentioned above. They'd like to note that the new DLC merchandise especially sold to SA and SEA servers can't be claimed on NA and EU servers, and vice versa.


Lastly, They've decided to raise the discount on our DLC goods. They'll be promoting them at 50% off as opposed to the 30% originally planned. The content material with the DLC goods including the TP quantity will not transform. Players who've currently bought the DLC merchandise previously will be capable to get the discounted packs too, given that they may be treated as new solutions. This discount will begin on the 21st as planned and can stay available till near the F2P transition date. These 50%-off DLC merchandise is not going to take regional pricing into account as they will be discontinued just before F2P and regional pricing implementation for the SA and SEA servers.


Due to such transform of plans, they had to push the F2P release date back so as to account for longer preparation. Our goal will be to finish transferring teams towards the appropriate servers 1st just before opening up our game towards the common public. they anticipate the transition to F2P to take place sometime early to mid-May, and They'll make a separate announcement after the date is confirmed. they apologize to people that have been waiting eagerly for the F2P transition.


Again, they apologize for the instability in our service. They're going to constantly strive to provide a pleasant and fair atmosphere where players can genuinely appreciate the game itself.  TOS silver on sale on igxe.com.


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