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The Interview of Tree of Savior Development Team -1

The Interview of Tree of Savior Development Team -1

Posted time: Apr 07,2016

There is a saying that trends are keep revolving around and this does not only apply to the world of fashion. Due to improvement in technologies, gamers can see the graphics in real time which were only available in CG videos before. However, there are many people who miss the memories of 2D dot graphics in the past. For gamers, Tree of Savior silver is needed in game,igxe.com is the best online store.

Back in April 30th, when the information about the newest title from Hak Kyu Kim's imcGAMES was released, lots of people have shown their interest in the game which may be due to the reasons that I stated above. To get the latest information about 'Tree of Savior", which features retro concept, we had an interview with the development team at imcGAMES. Let's listen to what they tell us about the game. 5 months have passed after the first information about the game was released at G-Star, but it seems that the attentions on the game are getting bigger and bigger.


A1) We can't deny that we feel pressure on those attentions, but they also give us strength to work on. We are trying our best to release the game as soon as possible.


Q2) I know that you had FGT for the first time back in February. What kind of feedback did you receive from the people who had participated FGT?


A2) We received lots of feedback and advises on the matters such as balances between the classes, quest flows, difficulty level, controllability of a few classes, interfaces, and etc. Most of them told us that the game is very fun and they enjoyed a lot. They also told us that they will play the game again once the game starts it's service. However, since we had only invited a small number of users to our studio, most of the feedback that we received were concentrated on the first impression of the game and the contents in the game. Therefore, we haven't tested and verified the game's feasibility on the environment where lots of users are connected at the same time. We plan to test this when we launch our CBT which is scheduled within this year's summer.


Q3) Are there any changes in the game after FGT?


A3) We have identified that the current control system, which may confuse some people who play the game for the first time, may need some adjustments. Also we are adjusting difficulty level of the monsters and modifying some of the items in the game based on the feedback that we had received from FGT.


Q4) After seeing the graphics of 'Tree of Savior', lots of gamers are remembering Ragnarok or Arcturus.


A4) Our focus was to make the game which can give classical feelings, but not old fashioned, along with expressing the latest trends. As a result, we relied on as many hand drawings as possible instead of using the technology from the graphics engine and we emphasized shapes on designs to have fairy tale impression in the game.


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