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Don’t miss The Division's Report and find out more about next update-Incursions

Don’t miss The Division's Report and find out more about next update-Incursions

Posted time: Mar 31,2016

Developers of The Division announce the reveal of Incursions by way of a livestream on the game’s official Twitch channel 3-31. The Division credits power leveling for sale, we can help you level your charactor or earn more credits!


For those fans of The Division who have been champing at the bit to try out the third-person shooter’s Incursions, it won’t be until April that the free update containing the feature goes live. However, Ubisoft recently took to the title’s official Twitter page today and promised it will be revealing details about the end game content on the action-MMO’s official Twitch channel tomorrow, March 31.


As seen in the tweet below, Ubisoft is calling tomorrow’s livestream a “Special Report” for The Division, and it is set to begin at 11 AM PT. Sadly, though, the publisher and developer didn’t provide any additional details as to what exactly fans could expect to be divulged or shown off during the discussion.


For those unaware, The Division‘s Incursions have so far been described as a “new challenging end-game activity developed specifically for squad play,” which sounds somewhat reminiscent of how the raid elements work within Destiny. As a matter of fact, fans have been told in advance that once their Agents go on to take part in the title’s Incursions, it will be imperative to use high-end weapons with the ability to take out nearly impossible-to-defeat enemies, much like how Guardians would need a high Light Level to take out hard-to-beat baddies in Bungie’s sci-fi shooter.


Should some players of The Division not be fully prepared for Incursions just yet, there’s still time to get ready for combat extremely quickly, as one fan recently discovered a new loot cave in the Russian Consolate story mission that allows Agents to endlessly reap the benefits of the mission over and over again due to an exploit. Of course, should fans wish to take a more legitimate route toward preparing for battle, they would do well to follow YouTuber Arekkz Gaming’s OP Skill Power build tutorial for explosive results.


Not only has Ubisoft promised the forthcoming reveal of The Division‘s Incursions, but also the title’s developers recently assured fans in a “State of the Game” Twitch livestream that new daily challenge missions are coming, and said some alterations to the release’s tech would be made. Unfortunately, these features were only mentioned in passing, so there’s no telling when they will be implemented. Nevertheless, it’s always possible for developers to set an official time frame for them during tomorrow’s “Special Report” on Twitch.


Taking all of this into consideration, it seems as if Ubisoft is set to begin making good on its DLC plans to build on the title for years to come. Whether or not the quality and frequency of the future content will be up to fans’ standards, however, remains to be seen.


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