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The Schedules of Final Fantasy XIV’s Feast

The Schedules of Final Fantasy XIV’s Feast

Posted time: Feb 24,2016

You should know that the Feast will automatically unlock for players who have already unlocked the Wolves' Den. And keep in mind that you can buy FFXIV Gil online to well enjoy the feast.


The Feast
The Feast is divided into three arenas, for each of which ratings and participant numbers will differ. The 8 on 8 matches will be held in a larger arena.
The Feast (8 on 8 – Matched Party)
TANK:2 Melee DPS:2 Ranged DPS:2 HEALER:2 One to two players
The Feast (4 on 4 – Solo)
TANK:1 Melee DPS:1 Ranged DPS:1 HEALER:1 One player Solo ratings will change
The Feast (4 on 4 – Light Party)
TANK:1 Melee DPS:1 Ranged DPS:1 HEALER:1 Four players Party ratings will change


Tank: Gladiator / Paladin / Marauder / Warrior / Dark knight
Melee DPS: Pugilist / Lancer / Rogue / Monk / Dragoon / Ninja
Ranged DPS: Archer / Thaumaturge / Arcanist / Bard / Machinist / Black mage / Summoner
Healer: Conjurer / White mage / Scholar / Astrologian


It is said that new members cannot be added during matches.
And we know that in the 27th Letter from the Producer LIVE it was announced that five different arenas will be introduced; however, there are only three arenas will be implemented initially. The remaining two will then be added depending on the circumstances surrounding non-rated matches.


Time Limit 10 minutes
Level Requirement Disciple of War or Magic level 60
Item Level Requirement Average Item Level of 150 or above
Item Level Sync Item level 150


For arenas that require an item level sync, all item stats will be adjusted accordingly and materia bonuses will be ignored during PvP.
You should notice that if you abandon the Feast (not including players who join a match in progress or are vote kicked) will receive a penalty. Players so penalized will be unable to register for Frontline campaigns or the Wolves' Den for 30 minutes.


Players inactive for over a period of two minutes will automatically be removed from the Feast.
Rated matchings will begin in patch 3.25. In addition, daily rankings will be displayed on the Lodestone. Please look forward the details on ratings which will be released later soon.


Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account!
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