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Check out the Math of Blade and Soul’s Piercing Work

Check out the Math of Blade and Soul’s Piercing Work

Posted time: Feb 24,2016

Last time we have check Taehorn’s Heart Stab Skill Board Damage: 1699~1861. This time let us have a look on Heart Stab Skill Board Damage: 1635~1797 (Avg 1716). Remember to buy Blade and Soul Gold online to well play the game.


And obviously, that's not the case. In other words, this simple test alone already proves it is SUBTRACTIVE. 14% is enough to reduce her damage decreased to 0. And so is 11%, as rerunning the test with that piercing returned identical damage values in the combat log as 14% did. Remember to buy Blade and Soul Gold here to help level up your characters.


Heart Stab Skill Board Damage: 1635~1797 (Avg 1716) (Lower than above due to removal of Necklace)
Normal damage in combat logs with 2.14% Piercing:
1545~1670 (Avg 1607)
Heart Stab Skill Board Damage Crit : 3515~3863 (215% Crit Damage, Avg 3689) (Lower than above due to removal of Necklace)
Critical damage from combat logs with 2.14% Piercing:
3292~3546 (Avg 3419)
3419 / 3689 = ~92.6% Damage


Taking an average from this because of the fact this is all still a damage range and not a set value, and this translates to totally 6.9% Damage Reduction.


6.9%+2.14% Piercing = 9.04% Damage Reduction
Hence the 10% in the MMOsite thread I mentioned earlier.
Now, it is said that this is just a lowly boss on F1, so, if she has 10%, others must have more, right?


Yes. You're right. Except you have to question yourself if it's worth stacking piercing for those monsters if the relevant ones all have 10%?


Using just Mushin Tower alone, every monster in there with the exception of the F1 Destroyer, the F5 Augerite and the F6 bosses (except Ogong) have less than 10% Damage Reduction.


As Destroyer said, the Augerite, Dokumo, Azure Lord and Hogdonny share the same damage reduction however : 25%.


So it's up to you. Do you want to get more piercing for the few bosses that have ~25%? Or do you simply want to stack more crit vs the bosses that actually matter, most of which have 10%?For the sake of completion, Blackwyrm has more than 25% but only because of his level. Given the number I got was somewhere around 30%, two levels later it should end up at about 25%.


It will all depends on your choice. But considers the benefits based on the bosses we have ingame now.


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