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Preview of Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 3.21 – The Feast

Preview of Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 3.21 – The Feast

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Posted time: Feb 19,2016

Recently according to the official post of Final Fantasy XIV we know that The Feast, the new PvP encounter, which is scheduled to be implemented in patch 3.21, two weeks after patch 3.2.

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The Feast is just ready for all the FFXIV players and waiting for their test! Will player gorge on the flesh of your foes, or find yourself served on a platter? It said that only the most savage of beasts are invited to this banquet! Players need fangs of steel and an endless thirst for blood that sounds pretty cool, right? So what are you waiting for? Just head up to the feast! It is high time to devour your rivals, take their hides for trophies, and build a hunter's throne from their bones! Do not forget to prepare enough FFXIV Gil for your characters.

Here are some details about The Feast. According to the official website, The Feast is a new PvP arena in which the main objective is to steal your opponent's medals. The winner of these matches is determined by whichever team has the most at the end of each match. Individual PvP rating and tiers will also be assigned to players and the highest-ranked participants of each season will be awarded a special prize. We suggest you guys to buy enough FFXIV Gil for those special prize, come on!

Please notice that Season one is scheduled to take place in patch 3.25, with pre-season matches between patches 3.21 and 3.25. Also note there will be no rewards offered at the end of pre-season.

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