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Two World of Warcraft's Players Unlocked All Achievements in Game

Two World of Warcraft's Players Unlocked All Achievements in Game

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Posted time: Feb 19,2016

It is said that there are two Alliance players have already unlocked every achievement now in the World of Warcraft, and the total amount is 2,511. Most of them are really hard to get, but you may consider that unlocking all is pretty insane. Well now WOW Gold buying makes your characters being playing the game very well.

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And, according to WOW progress, a few others are almost catching up with only one or two achievements missing.

We know that it will be insane when reaches to 20,000 points, but when players beyond 2,500 achievements, or 25,000 points sounds totally insane. Since which means players had to collect 300 mounts, it is said that will be quite difficult even after Legion comes out, more than 250 toys, all the pets, and so on. That also requires players to unlock all the crazy PvP (killing 500 Pandaren players in Ashran) and Arena achievements, all the Challenge modes and Mythic raids. It’s no surprise that, based on their Armory stats, the last ones they sniped were mostly PvP and Season 3 related. Those are just painful, due to various weekly caps and time limits.

As some players one of the achievements—”Mythic Dungeoneer,” which can’t be unlocked right now—is bugged in the Dungeons & Raids tab, but otherwise everything checks out. Legacy achievements, that are no longer obtainable because of gameplay changes, push the list beyond the 100% limit. Some achievements are worth 5 points, some even worth 10 points, 20 points, 25 points and so on.

This, and playing the game non-stop, is how reaching a whopping 25,825 points is possible for Alliance players, and 25,815 for Horde. The 10 point difference comes from an Ashran achievement (Down Goes Van Rook) that has no Horde counterpart and therefore can’t be completed by them. Remember that you can buy WOW Gold now.

That’s really incredible, right? And although there’s no list of achievements for Legion yet, we might see players with more than 30,000 points soon.

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