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Introduction of Currency Exchange in Blade and Soul

Introduction of Currency Exchange in Blade and Soul

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Posted time: Feb 18,2016

There is a good new you should know is that the Blade & Soul Currency Exchange is now living in game! It is said that the Blade and Soul’s Currency Exchange allows for the safe and secure trade of BNS gold for real world purchased currencies between players. Well our website now provides Blade and Soul players cheap Blade and Soul Gold. Now buy BNS Gold here you can enjoy the game very well. For those of you that took part in Blade & Soul beta weekends, players may have already seen the Currency Exchange as the Blade and Team has tested its functionality. It remains largely unchanged, but BNS team has made several tweaks to the requirements and limits.

Blade and Soul Gold

It is said that Blade and Soul players are able to access the Currency Exchange by pressing Ctrl+C, and then choose to place players’ own Blade and Soul gold for sale, or buy Blade and Soul Gold from others. That is to say buyer are able to purchase BNS gold from the Currency Exchange with NCoin, and as soon as you purchased, the NCoin will be converted to Hongmoon Coin and be delivered to the seller. Hongmoon Coin can then be used by the seller to purchase a large number of different items and boosts from the in-game Hongmoon Store. Besides, you can buy Blade and Soul Gold on IGXE.com. Now, let us check out the details of the steps of selling BNS Gold and buying BNS Gold.

Selling Gold -- Step 1: Place sell order on Currency Exchange, Step 2: Sell order purchased by other player, Result: Receive Hongmoon Coin

Buying Gold -- Step 1: Find sell order on Currency Exchange, Step 2: Purchase gold using NCoin, Result: Receive Blade and Soul Gold

It posted that each sell order is capped at 1,000 BNS gold, and the number of sell orders that can be placed on the Currency Exchange are limited by amount of simultaneous orders, and total per day. See the Premium Membership overview for a list of Currency Exchange limits based on Premium status and rank. Standard exchange rates and expected purchase prices will be displayed by both buyers and sellers to help them make their decisions.

Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account!
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