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Check out Blade and Soul’s Valentine’s Day Event

Check out Blade and Soul’s Valentine’s Day Event

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Posted time: Feb 15,2016

As most Large MMORPGs, Blade and Soul team has prepared colorful Valentine’s Day event for all the players. The event has started on Feb. 10th, though the end of Feb. 24th. Well, according to the official website of Blade and Soul, you know that the Valentine’s Day event is not only designed for celebrating love, also players can earn large amount of new costumes for your characters. And our website’s data shows that Blade and Soul Gold has reach a peak on Feb. 14th. There is an event called collection of event-specific White Roses and Red Roses, in which players are able to transmute for a limited time—a powerful new gem, and treasure-laden chest. We suggest you guys to gain more BNS Gold online to well play the game.

Blade and Soul Gold

Let us have a look what you can receive in the chest.

1. Fireworks of Love *3
2. Hongmoon Unsealing Charm
3. Hongmoon Gemstone
4. Lucky Revitalizer
5. Red Rose
6. Naryu Coin
7. Spring Love
8. Naryu Silver

Each of these Transmutation recipes requires White Roses and Red Roses to complete, and each type of rose is obtainable through different types of content.

Collecting Roses

Blade and Soul players will receive a letter each day if characters’ level reaches 16 or above that. Players had better to take on a small task to honor their affection in-town and off to get whatever their little heart desires in the time allotted. Then return before they lose interest in them, and they can receive 4–5 Red Roses and Love Potion consumable buffs. Blade and Soul players also can buy a bundle of a dozen Red Roses once per day from the Hongmoon Store. Premium Members will receive a 33% discount on the Red Roses bundle. Remember to prepare enough BNS Gold online.

White Roses, however, are primarily earned as rewards from dynamic quests in the following dungeons:

Blackram Narrows
The Darkglimpse
Forgotten Tomb
Tomb of the Exiles
The Pigsty
Hall of Ogong
Brightstone Ruins
Skittering Tunnels
Blackram Supply Chain

Valentine’s Day Bundles

The Hongmoon Store will have a new collection of Valentine’s Day related costume bundles for purchase, which also include White Roses to go along with them. These bundles will adhere to the same costume purchase limitations of three purchases per account, per day.

Female Bundle

Pure White (costume) & Classy (glasses adornment)
10x Unsealing Charms
12x White Roses

Male Bundle

Lover Boy (costume), Lover Boy Bow Tie & Lover Boy Sunglasses
10x Unsealing Charms
12x White Roses
While these bundles are specific to the Valentine’s Day event, we have a bunch of new costumes—most of which are Valentine’s Day themed—now available or arriving soon. Head over to the latest Hongmoon Store Update article to see them.

The entire Blade and Soul’s Valentine’s Day event activities and rewards have mentioned above, do not forget to buy BNS Gold online to well play the game!

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