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Mushin’s Tower Floors Will Arrive with Blade and Soul’s Rising Waters Update

Mushin’s Tower Floors Will Arrive with Blade and Soul’s Rising Waters Update

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Posted time: Feb 05,2016

It is posted that the first seven floors of Mushin’s Tower in Blade and Soul are going to released on Feb. 10 with the Rising Waters update.


As we know far flung ages when the Naryu Empire stood supreme over the world, its greatest sages constructed a looming tower so tall it touched the heavens. We also know its purpose is to train Mushin, who is the heir to the Naryu Empire’s royal line. Well Blade and Soul Gold (also called BNS Gold) can help a lot on training in game.

The only way of Mushin really becomes a god among men and surpass all with his astounding martial prowess is training against as wide a variety of threats as possible.

It said that the Mushin’s Tower was sealed away after Mushin’s demise, but with the world in peril because of Jinsoyun’s machinations, it has once more opened its grand doors. Martial artists from all walks have eagerly hurried to challenge the tower, overcome its dangers, and prove themselves equal to the legendary Mushin himself.

Now, let us check out some details.

The Main Hall

Every player will start at the bottom, but thanks to the well-equipped ground floor of Mushin’s Tower that helped well prepare warriors for the arduous trek ahead of them. Players can find unique merchants with rare items in Mushin’s Hall, so the Blade and Soul Gold will becomes very important for them.

Well, the only way to go is up! As it is said that challengers must begin at the first floor and work their way skyward, though returning warriors are able to skip ahead to higher floors without having to spend time on opponents they’ve already outclassed. Remember to buy Blade and Soul Gold online to well play the game.

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