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RuneScape 2007’s Dev Blog: LootShare 2

RuneScape 2007’s Dev Blog: LootShare 2

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Posted time: Feb 03,2016

Last week RuneScape Old School team has put out a developer blog about LootShare to gather the thoughts of the community. We saw a big response to the blog and have been able to get a much better idea of what you want out of LootShare. In this blog we will discuss what it is we would like to offer for the system.

To follow up, RS 2007 team has released a new developer blog for LootShare detailing exactly what we would like to offer.

Head over to the forums to see how LootShare could work in Old School.

The Reasons of adding LootShare

One of the big responses to our last LootShare dev blog was players asking why we are interested in implementing LootShare as the system was initially released as a way to enjoy a team PvM while the trade restriction was still in place.

While this was the original reason for releasing LootShare it does not mean to say that there are substantial benefits for the system for today's Old School players.

Removing the issue of trust

One of the biggest benefits If you are in a team of 5 and one of your team gets a 50 mil drop there is no guarantee that you will end up receiving a split. For those of you that don't have a group of people to take on bosses with this can be a real problem.

LootShare offers a way to avoid trust being a factor all together. Relying on LSP to distribute loot fairly over time rather than relying on your team to split each individual loot means that you no longer need to be concerned with whether or not your team are trustworthy.

Potential future expansions

While relying solely on LootShare is a good solution for some situations, in others you may want to receive a more precise split of a loot as it is dropped. Any system which would allow us to do this would require LootShare as a base.

One example of a system we could offer if LootShare were to be introduced is InstantShare. If you were to get a signature drop from a boss monster with InstantShare enabled the item would instantly be sold on the Grand Exchange to the highest existing offer. The coins from this trade is then split evenly between the team.

This system is similar to CoinShare but avoids the issue of generating coins. InstantShare would not generate any coins at all. The coins would be coming straight from the offer that another player has already made in the Grand Exchange. It would not create any issue with inflation or incomplete trades.

This is just a concept at this point in time and would not be introduced with LootShare. It is a much bigger job and requires LootShare to be a game feature in order to exist.

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