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Blade and Soul’s Party Setting Changes

Blade and Soul’s Party Setting Changes

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Posted time: Jan 22,2016

Blade and Soul team just posted a recommendation for some updates on the system regarding parties, specifically in dungeons. Feel free to buy Blade and Soul Gold here to well play the game.

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As we know that the issue of party leaders has come up several times when running dungeons, especially with a pug group. The leader’s ability of changing the default loot settings from free-for-all and biding upon superior item to master loot without the intervention of any of the other players will be absurd. You can know it allows freely selected party leaders in a party to change the loot settings on the final boss and gain all the potential dropped loot for themselves. You can have more ability to gain the drop loot if you buy Blade and Soul Gold online. You can farming for moonwater tears, recipes, costumes, etc. from the final boss in the dungeon. Then most players would love to see a change implemented to the game system in which the rest of the players in the party would have some sort of voice in this matter and prevent the leaders from acquiring the final loot freely (without bidding).

At another side also came up in regards to leechers. It is said that the only scenario that the party leaders have to vote to kick some player is when they go offline. Finally, this allows players to join a party via dungeon lobby. You can enter the Blade and Soul dungeon and leech off its loots without even touching their mouse and their keyboard. You can find that this system is implemented to prevent leaders from kicking players out of a dungeon as a means to prevent "bidding wars" and/or targeted anger, but gamers believe some kind of order needs to add to prevent leechers from leeching in parties. You had better to buy cheap Blade and Soul Gold now: http://www.igxe.com/BladeandSoul/cheap-BladeandSoul-Gold-BladeandSoul.html.

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