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The Ways to Make Sick Scrilla in Blade and Soul

The Ways to Make Sick Scrilla in Blade and Soul

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Posted time: Jan 18,2016

Since Blade and Soul’s early access has started this time, now you can buy BNS Gold now on our web shop, IGXE.com. There are 2 ways for Blade and Soul players to make money in game:

1. Sell BNS Items on the marketplace.

Refer to the 1, Blade and Soul players are able to make the most money by selling transformation stones crafted by the Soul Wardens faction since we know that in beta Moonwater stones were being sold for at least 6 Blade and Soul Gold each and generally selling crafting or crafted materials. Now IGXE.com is selling cheap BNS Gold with professional service. You should notice that do not sell ores you have fond on the map, these are damn rare, keep them for yourself to use for crafting.

2. Do the PVP Dailies, end game area Dailies.

For this way, our team suggest you start getting the PVP dailies at around level 30 if players are able to remember it correctly, these give gamers about 50 silver if players complete them all, and the end game area dailies (most are the Misty Forest areas) can give players over 1 BNS gold (they don't remember for sure of how much either) depending on how many gamers have completed. Remember to buy BNS Gold here with cheap price: http://www.igxe.com/BladeandSoul/cheap-BladeandSoul-Gold-BladeandSoul.html

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