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Get Ready for World of Warcraft’s Legion Alpha Test

Get Ready for World of Warcraft’s Legion Alpha Test

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Posted time: Jan 15,2016

According to the official website of World of Warcraft, the WOW’s Legion Alpha Test is back now!


World of Warcraft’s gnomish engineers have just returned from their adorable little Winter Veil vacation to bring the Legion alpha test back online, we know that this time they’ve made a few updates. It is the perfect time to buy WOW Gold EU  now to take part in World of Warcraft’s Legion Alpha Test.

Except for all of the content that was previously included in the alpha, WOW testers now are able to explore the new Val’Sharah zone and go into the new dungeon of Darkheart Thicket. We suggest you guys to bring enough WOW Gold EU and WOW Gold US to well play the game. You know the Shaman Order Hall also is available now, and the new Demon Hunter Vengeance (tank) spec is ready for testing. The raid boss Ursoc has also made an appearance and he can bearly wait to meet players. Even though Character copy now is disabled, but testers are able to create high-level characters by using templates that the WOW team has provided.

We just remind you that there’s no NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for this Legion alpha test, that is to say all WOW gamers who have participate the Legion Alpha Test are free to stream the game and share screenshots or movies. You had better to remember that Legion is still under development and WOW team will be making changes as they continue to prepare for the following beta tests, and what players are going to see during the alpha test is not necessarily representative of the final game. Well, do not forget to buy WOW Gold EU on IGXE.com and all customers can enjoy a special discount on each Tuesday.

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