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Time for World of Warcraft’s Apexis Crystal Bonus Event

Time for World of Warcraft’s Apexis Crystal Bonus Event

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Posted time: Jan 14,2016

As the battle.net posted, the Sign of Apexis Bonus Event of World of Warcraft is back, and from January 13 through January 18, every WOW player is going to receive bonus Apexis Crystals from eligible creatures. Now you gamers had better to buy WOW Gold online to well join the Apexis Crystal Bonus Event. WOW players should be sure they can pick up the event-only quest The Time to Strike and players will get big piles of Apexis Crystals, Garrison Resources, and Oil when players complete five Apexis objectives if they want Apexis in excess.

WOW Gold

According to battle.net, you should know that there is a very good way to improve gamers’ overall item level which is Apexis Crystals on gear upgrades. It will takes you 5,000 Crystals apiece for WOW armor in Tanaan Jungle, 10,000 Crystals for a WOW weapon, and 20,000 Crystals for Empowered Apexis Fragments. Now just buy WOW Gold online can save you large amount of cash and time to exchange. The WOW team will upgrade players’ Baleful gear from ilvl 650 to ilvl 695.

Remember these other collectibles and actually you can pick up them from Dawn-Seeker Krisek if gamers standing with the Order of the Awakened are high enough:

Reins of the Corrupted Dreadwing mount (150,000 Apexis Crystals; requires Friendly)
Rukhmar's Sacred Memory toy (50,000 Apexis Crystals; Revered)
Blazing Firehawk pet (2,000 Apexis Crystals; Exalted)
Solar Priest Vayx follower (1,000 Apexis Crystals; Honored)
Apexis Crystals can also be used to purchase other special goods around Draenor, if you know where to look.

Have you decide your next item to purchase with your Apexis windfall?

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