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Join Blade and Soul’s Moderator Application before Jan 14

Join Blade and Soul’s Moderator Application before Jan 14

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Posted time: Jan 13,2016

The news from the Reddit forum of Blade and Soul, we know that Blade and Soul team now is looking for the new Moderators and the official website applications will be closed on Thursday, Jan. 14th at 5 pm Pacific time and 8 pm Eastern time. Since players are able to early access blade and soul, also our website will start to sell BNS Gold as soon as this game released.

With early access and official release approaching, Blade and Soul team is starting to see some heavier traffic at the subreddit. That means now it is a perfect time to get a couple new recruits to players’ moderator team! What are you waiting for? The applications will be closed on Jan 14, there is only not more than two days left! Hurry up to fill out the moderator application form and buy BNS Gold to prepare for the game.

Here are the details about what you need to fill of the moderator application form.

1. Reddit Username
2. Where are you located?


3. What timezone are you in?

4. Why would you like to be a part of the moderator team?

5. Do you have experience in moderating subreddits or other online communities? If so where, and what was it like?

6. Why do you think you would be an effective moderator?

7. What skills can you bring to the moderator team?

8. Do you currently participate in the /r/bladeandsoul Discord?

9. How much time would you be able to moderate on a given day?

< 1

10. Is there anything about you that we should know, or would be upset about if we later found out? (please be honest)

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