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The WOW Event in This January

The WOW Event in This January

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Posted time: Jan 06,2016

As we have mentioned before, WOW players will have more chance to gain Apexis Crystals in January since there are large amount of events in this month. It is time for you guys to collect more Honor for battling in PvP Arena Skirmishes, and travel back to select Cataclysm dungeons with the Cataclysm Timewalking event with enough cheap WOW Gold EU and WOW Gold US. Please notice that each event stays active for only one week and the WOW team will give you enough time to complete the event’s weekly quest.


Another event in this month is Darkmoon Faire which is a monthly return event and will come back now. Gamers can find their portal to the fair when Alliance players are able to head to Gold shire outside of Stormwind. According to Wowhead, players can collect up 19 battle pets, 16 toys, and two mounts. Players can travel to the Mulgore. You have another chance to gather required Darkmoon Prize Tickets needed to use WOW Gold to buy these WOW items as well as transmogrification items, heirlooms, and souvenirs. Now you can buy WOW Gold EU on IGXE.com.

You should know that The Darkmoon Faire in World of Warcraft also provides players with a slew of daily quests in the form of fun carnival games. Darkmoon races, the pet battling Feasels, and some more await players on Darkmoon Island. Be sure to check out the faire before it leaves on January 10. The Darkmoon Faire will be back in February, too.

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