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Participate in World of Warcraft’s Zone, Sweet Zone: A Poll

Participate in World of Warcraft’s Zone, Sweet Zone: A Poll

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Posted time: Jan 05,2016

As the official website of World of Warcraft, we know there is a fun way to kick off 2016 is to get your S.E.L.F.I.E. stick and go on a picture-taking expedition, and wherever players are headed, it best is the place that your character fits the scene. You had better to prepare enough WOW Gold for your characters. Whether your character has a deep and meaningful personal story, or you just like how your current gear looks in certain places, it said that the three most important parts of taking a good picture of yourself are nothing but location. Well, now what you need to do is buy cheap WOW Gold online.

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The question is that have you ever wondered how others see themselves in the various zones in WoW?

The forum has post a roll about when you envision your character in WoW, you picture her or him in a zone that is:

A desert, like Tanaris or Silithus

Foreboding, like Dread Wastes or Duskwood
A green forest, like Elwynn or Mount Hyjal
Magical, like Crystalsong Forest or Deepholm
Pastoral, like Mulgore or Valley of the Four Winds
Rugged, like Badlands or Townlong Steppes
Snowy, like Winterspring or The Storm Peaks
Soggy, like Swamp of Sorrows or Zangarmarsh
Surreal, like Netherstorm or Caverns of Time
Tropical, like Stranglethorn Vale or Uldum
Other (explained in the comments below)

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