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Views on Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Most Powerful Force Users

Views on Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Most Powerful Force Users

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Posted time: Jan 04,2016

As the Star Wars: The Old Republic official One of these has been done for the General lore of the SW universe by Beni and one has been done for the Canon force-users by Permaximum. We just gathered this information from the forum of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Now players can buy SWTOR Credits on IGXE.com with a special discount which will last to January, 11.

Due to the Bioware SW is basically working in it's own canon in its own legends continuity He curious that why not do one for the bioware characters? We know these characters from KOTOR 1 and 2, SWTOR and the 4 Old republic novels Deceived, Annihilation, Fatal Alliance, and Revan.

Only characters that were introduced in these games and novels. So Ulic Qel-Droma and Exar Kun are not eligible. Of course they players are mentioned and referenced but they are not characters in these things.

Please notice that these are most powerful force users not necessarily who's the best in combat.

This game will do a top 10 to keep the list small, and debate over the placement of characters.

Gamers don't think anyone will argue who gets the first spot in this list as it would be crazy for it to be anyone else but him.

1. Vitiate/Valkorion

Contending for spot 2 will be the following
Darth Nox
Darth Nihilus

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