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Views on the Questions that You May Meet in Blade and Soul

Views on the Questions that You May Meet in Blade and Soul

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Posted time: Dec 30,2015

Recently, I have gathered a large numbers of questions that you may meet in Blade and Soul especially from the official forum. As a great number of players have shared their experiences on the forums, so our IGXE team decides to show you some. Now you can buy Blade and Soul Gold online with cheap price.

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As topic may indicate, there are some questions are regarding the clans, its roles, and its development ingame, basically in PvP scenarios. Hence my questions:

1. What is the main role of a clan in BNS apart from the usual meeting place for the likely minded people?
2. Will their be guild matches? i.e. 5v5 or team battles or guild war on epic scale thru alliances and what not?
3. Will their be ingame buffs by joining a clan?
4. Storage: Will their be a dedicated dojo or a place for clans? And likewise a storage space for players within these places?

Actually, most of you guys may have not in a clan in the beta, but from joining one through recruitment forums we know a little bit about them.

First of all, we think that ranking up your clan would be the main goal of a clan. Players can receive the rewards from fighting with enemy faction members contribute to leveling a clan. Just as I know, crafting is really crucial in clans. You can level up your characters by BNS Gold (Blade and Soul Gold). Players can get their workshops, and you can get perks like reduction on costs of equipment upgrade.

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