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Views on the New Content in Dragon’s Dogma Online Patch 1.2

Views on the New Content in Dragon’s Dogma Online Patch 1.2

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Posted time: Dec 24,2015

As the official of Dragon’s Dogma Online announced, Dragon’s Dogma Online has get a new patch which has launched in December 15. There are two new maps waiting for you in game, an 8th class warrior, new creatures and other updates to the game. Now you can buy Dragon’s Dogma Gold with a cheap price.

Dragon's Dogma Gold

The MMORPG website has reported the update, patch 1.2 has arrived December 15 includes the floating city of El Doradoas as well as Bouto, which is associated with Dragon’s Dogma Online gold. There are two bosses at El Doradoas with the first two being Alchemized Griffin and Goliath. The third is known as “Gold Awakening”, but Capcom are yet to reveal details about this boss. You can buy some cheap Dragon’s Dogma Online Gold to fight against these bosses.

The new class warrior comes to the game as a tank class. Gather more Dragon’s Dogma Online Gold to arm your class. It will also feature berserker like qualities, as the more damage it takes, the more dangerous it becomes leading it to be a more reckless style of class to use.

As we know, Dragon’s Dogma Online available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC. It was released in Japan at the end of august but has have not released to the west now. With the release of Dragon’s Dogma on the PC this could be a sign of good things to come for fans of the games. If sales are good, it could even lead to a possible release of Dragon’s Dogma Online in the West. Just wait and our web shop also will sell Dragon’s Dogma Gold as soon as it released online.

That may be wishful thinking for fans though who are eager to see the localised version make its way to North America and Europe territories.

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