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World of Warcraft down to Approximately 5.5 Million Subscribers

World of Warcraft down to Approximately 5.5 Million Subscribers

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Posted time: Dec 23,2015

According to the recent news, we know that the attentions World of Warcraft gained are not as more as before. World of Warcraft’s subscribers has declined to approximately 5.5 million. Even though Blizzard’s total trade still all be high, but Blizzard recent move to acquire King Digital suggests an effort to maintain online gaming strength through other channels. Well, the WOW Gold is still sells very well on our web shop, IGXE.com.

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Now, let us check out what consequence the decline of World of Warcraft brings to us Blizzard. World of Warcraft has been released in 2004 with a longevity and industry impact that no MMORG can surpass since now. We know it up to the peak of more than 12 million subscribers in 2010. Sales in 2010 on IGXE also are the best year on WOW Gold selling.

The enormous player base, combined with the game's subscription fees and expansion-pack purchases, made Blizzard's game a cash juggernaut that regularly generated over $1 billion in annual revenue. At 5.5 million subscribers in September, WOW still has a dedicated and valuable player base. However, WOW is on track to lose a significant chunk of its remaining subscribers with each passing year unless Activision transitions the game to a free-to-play model, a move that would create important complications for the existing WOW ecosystem. WOW will continue its developing with its own way to exist in game world. Please keep in mind to buy WOW Gold on IGXE.com.

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