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J. Allen Brack’s Views on World of Warcraft’s Changes on Game and Players

J. Allen Brack’s Views on World of Warcraft’s Changes on Game and Players

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Posted time: Dec 22,2015

Recently Blizzard Entertainment executive producer and senior vice president J. Allen Brack has shared some thoughts through an interview. What he claims is that the WOW token and max-level characters should have been shot down 10 years ago. Well as we know, WOW token can used to exchange WOW Gold in auction house. Actually buying WOW Gold Online is much cheaper than buying Token in official shop to exchange.

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As the J. Allen Brack claimed that World of Warcraft’s core players has been changed since the MMO’s release in 2004. He considers that players’ in-game goals have not been changed even though they have gotten older. The reason why players challenge the company by wanting the ability to progress through end-game large-group raid dungeon content and PvP objectives is that they need more time to maintaining jobs and families. So they have to cut down the gametime in World of Warcraft. But WOW Gold is still very important for them, since they may need more WOW gold to maintaining their characters in game.

“It’s a very mature game, but there are people growing up all the time,” J. Allen Brack said. “There’s a certain age of gamer that’s heard of World of Warcraft, and they’ve decided it’s for them and tried it, or they’ve decided it’s not for them. But there are people who are coming into the age of Warcraft every single year.

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