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The Player’s Feedback on Blade & Soul

The Player’s Feedback on Blade & Soul

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Posted time: Dec 22,2015

Since Blade & Soul make the players waited for such a long time, that many gamers have talked about it for years. Finally, it will show up next month and I guess that will bring a heat following of Blade & Soul. Now it is the time to expect the full release coming up soon. The good news is that our website is starting to sell BNS Gold now and players can buy BNS Gold as soon as the game officially released. Recently a gamer has shared his experience on playing.

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First of all, he shared that the Blade & Soul is a little bit different with the free-to-play game and it makes players feel like to play a professional, subscription-based game. It has some pretty awesome designs and UI to the graphics and sound, to things like movement, character customization, and more. Many players regard it as one of the highest games in MMORPGs. Well, use the Blade and Soul Gold to exchange what you want in game.

The design on controls is also a very good one. One area where Blade and Soul gets a little awkward is in its control scheme (which you can customize how you wish, and might be a good idea). In order to put it into perspective, here are some of the more used controls:

• F (interact with things)

• Left/right-click (attack)

• Numbers (attack)

• Tab (pet attack)

• Y (complete quest)

The normal attacks are all pretty familiar from other games. What isn’t, however, is using things like tab to get your pet to help attack, or using F to move through quest text and then having to hit Y to actually complete it.

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