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Views on World of Warcraft’s Rules of new Transmog System

Views on World of Warcraft’s Rules of new Transmog System

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Posted time: Dec 14,2015

Recently a there is a WOW discussion on the World of Warcraft’s Rules of new Transmog System has been discussed by players themselves.

As a famous saying goes that, "Plate wearers unlock plate, mail wearers unlock mail, etc. Weapons must be equippable by that character.” So we know that the weapon is really useful for players and you can buy cheap WOW Gold on IGXE.com to exchange whatever you want in game.

It claims that being a certain class should restrict you from unlocking appearances from the game. Any piece of gear that is soulbound should be unlocked, and for all the boe's out there, you may either mail them to the appropriate character to equip, or you can have it where if you want to unlock its appearance, then it become soulbound in the process. This way, no classes have any advantages over each other and everyone has an equal ability to unlock what they wish.

Basically, the tweet means that even if you can equip multiple armor types, you can only unlock transmogs for your specific armor proficiency. You can have your favorite armor with plenty WOW Gold. So even though the new wardrobe system is account wide, it seems like the "unlock" system is a bit more restrictive than what I had previously thought.

Most players had hoped that all their characters would be able to collect transmogs collectively for each other, but now it appears that if they want to have their only clothie get a certain robe from a raid, then they're still the only one that can go and unlock it. So even though their paladin could try to help out by looting it, they wouldn't be able to unlock it for their transmog library.

Some players said that they will go out and say that they don't really like this. To me, to take full advantage of this new system being account wide, I would like to see that any gear that is bound to my character be unlocked to the wardrobe. That includes unlocking a leather belt on a death knight, or having a mage unlocking a plate helm from a raid, etc.

But maybe that's part of the issue. The more accessible the transmogs are to acquire, the easier it would be to unlock many of the appearances faster.

So what is your opinion on all I mentioned above? What would you like the system to be? You can post what you want to talked about on the official forum of World of Warcraft.

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