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Check out the Diablo’s Treasure Goblins in the Alpha of World of Warcraft: Legion

Check out the Diablo’s Treasure Goblins in the Alpha of World of Warcraft: Legion

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Posted time: Dec 11,2015

We know there is a new type of creature to World of Warcraft might be introduced to you which is been expressed that familiar from Diablo III. Yes, that is Treasure Goblin, or others may call it Treasure Demon. There is good news for you that you can buy WOW Gold EU on IGXE with a special discount during Christmas.


Gamers playing the alpha build of the expansion bumped into the rare fella, who looks like a little annoying demon with a huge backpack. And its abilities turned out to be the same as the Treasure Goblin’s in Diablo III: It starts to cast an escape portal when players engage and activates a counter that counts down as it tries to escape.

Some players even claim that some little sound will make them be excited, which is the cackle of a Treasure Goblin. If players are you're not familiar, this enemy spawns randomly, and drops gold or items as it runs around. When players engage it, it attempts to flee, and finally spawns a portal through which it will escape. If players are able to take it down before this happens, they will receive a hefty reward for their trouble.

When gamers have been checking out the alpha for WoW's upcoming Legion expansion have reported running into a Treasure Demon, which acts exactly like its Diablo counterpart. In the current build, the Treasure Demon only drops Sanctuary Coins, which are worthless. But you can gather some useful in-game currency like WOW Gold, or WOW EU Gold online to well arm your characters.

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