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Prepare More WOW Gold for Burning Crusade Timewalking Event

Prepare More WOW Gold for Burning Crusade Timewalking Event

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Posted time: Dec 10,2015

Based on the news of World of Warcraft, the Burning Crusade Timewalking Event is been confirmed from December 9 to December 14. That is to say Magister’s Terrace is now available for Timewalking and all players with level 71 characters or higher can queue for The Burning Crusade Timewalking dungeons from now on through Monday, December 14 to fight for Timewarped Badges and loot that’s scaled to your level. Now players can buy some WOW Gold or WOW Gold EU for your characters in game.

According to the introduction on battle.net, Magisters' Terrace serves as a convenient base for Kael'thas and his underlings as they assist the proceedings in the Sunwell Plateau. Kael'thas stands poised to desecrate the ancient lands of his people with an incomparable evil. Should he succeed, the Legion's darkness will rapidly spread to all corners of Azeroth, extinguishing everything in its path. Well, just join Burning Crusade Timewalking Event with Magister’s Terrace.

Now let us have a look on what challenges you will face in with Magister’s Terrace:

The Arcatraz
Black Morass
The Shattered Halls
The Slave Pens

Before you venture back into Outland, be sure that you pick up the quest “A Burning Path Through Time”, which rewards both a Seal of Inevitable Fate and an Iron Fleet Treasure Chest. Do not wait, just hurry up to Magister’s Terrace with enough cheap WOW EU gold or WOW Gold US.

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