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Buy World of Warcraft Pets and Mounts with 50% Off During Winter Veil

Buy World of Warcraft Pets and Mounts with 50% Off During Winter Veil

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Posted time: Dec 08,2015

According to the official website of us.Battle.net, we know that World of Warcraft team are offering holiday savings of 50% on some World of Warcraft mounts and pets. Through January 4, 2016, players now can take advantage of various kinds of World of Warcraft Pets and World of Warcraft Mounts in the Battle.net shop. what we can know is that the each pet costs $5 and each mount costs $12.50. well, you can also buy some WOW Gold or WOW Gold EU online to exchange some other pets and mounts in game.


Here are the mounts list online.

1. Armored Bloodwing
2. Celestial Steed
3. Enchanted Fey Dragon
4. Grinning Reaver
5. Heart of the Aspects
6. Iron Skyreaver
7. Swift Windsteed
8. Warforged Nightmare
9. Winged Guardian

The pets list.

1. Alterac Brew Pup
2. Argi
3. Blossoming Ancient
4. Cenarion Hatchling
5. Cinder Kitten
6. Lil' K.T.
7. Lil' Ragnaros
8. Lil' XT
9. Moonkin Hatchling
10. Pandaren Monk
11. Soul of the Aspects

The website claims that all of these pets and mounts are fully giftable. Be sure to buy them soon since these deals end on January 4, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Also do not worry about buying pets or mounts, because our web shop, IGXE.com will provide you cheap WOW Gold EU and WOW Gold US online with full stock.

Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account!
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