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A WOW Players’ Experience on World Of Warcraft Legion

A WOW Players’ Experience on World Of Warcraft Legion

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Posted time: Dec 07,2015

Recently a World Of Warcraft player has shared his playing experience on kotaku.com and said that he has really seriously played World of Warcraft’s Hunter class. What’s more, he just though it isreally strange for him. Well, you can buy WOW Gold here now to help whatevert characters in game. Mostly, he is a solo player, and the point is that Hunter is actually a great solo class. Unfortunately, he said that there are two things held him back. One is that he will feel nervous when Hunter pets bringing entire dungeons of creatures down on their parties even though he does really enjoy grouping. The other one is that he said that he never enjoyed any races that could be hunters back in the day even do not interested in.


But guess what? He said he interseted it now. Gnome Hunters are coming to World of Warcraft, with Blizzard instituting cleverly-tamed mechanical pets to make up for the fact that Gnomes are a staple of most Hunter pet classes’ diet. The WOW players said that he is a huge fan of gnome and the reason he liks them is that they are so brave to deal with a disaster in their home town.

He claimed that It’s still early days for gnome Hunters. The first weapon they get, a nifty rifle, is broken so it only fires at melee range. Or you can use the WOW Gold to exchange some useful weapons in game. Only one talent spec is available at the moment, likely due to implementation of the spec-specific epic weapons in alpha test. But right now, I hope you can just like the players’ best bunny by his side and loving it.

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