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Buy WOW Gold Online to Take Part in World of Warcraft Season 3 PVP

Buy WOW Gold Online to Take Part in World of Warcraft Season 3 PVP

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Posted time: Nov 18,2015

It is high time to buy WOW Gold online to well play World of Warcraft Season 3 PVP. It must be strike once more with boots and boards and helms and swords, and you will completely expereience tha fun that Season 3 PVP brings you! World of Warcraft’s Arena and Battleground Season 3 has begun, and the Horde and the Alliance leaders have once again called all champions to seek victory on the glorious field of battle.


Before you take part in World of Warcraft Season 3 PVP and step in an Arena or on a Battleground, please remember that buying WOW Gold online can help you a lot in game, there are several adjustments t have been made for this season and the details are as follows.

The PvP iLevel of Honor and Conquest gear has increased.
All gear now scales up to iLvl 700.
Wild Aspirant gear is iLvl 715.
Wild Combatant gear is iLvl 730.
Wild Gladiator gear is iLvl 740.
Any PvE gear over iLvl 730 will be scaled down to iLvl 730.
Winning Rated Battlegrounds and completing the weekly Ashran Dominance quest now awards you a random piece of PvP iLvl 740 Conquest gear.

Good luck, and may your enemies fall before you with plenty WOW Gold this season.

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