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Views on Force Master in Blade & Soul

Views on Force Master in Blade & Soul

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Posted time: Nov 17,2015

Welcome to the Blade & Soul class ongoing series where you can concentrate on a class which you can play in Blade & Soul. Today let me introduce Force Master to all of you. What we would like to imform you is that you can buy Blade & Soul Gold here to well play the game.


You had better to check out Blade & Soul team’s updated class page on the Force Master, where they have revealed techniques from the Hongmoon Secret Tome, that you can view wallpapers and a class video. Also make sure to join Blade & Soul team on the official Blade & Soul Twitch channel on November 19 at 4pm PST to watch some high level Force Master play; or check out Twitch streamer Moldran earlier that same day at 9am PST as he shows off his skills as a Force Master.

What we can know about the Force Master is that it is a ranged class that boasts powerful single-target spells, area-of-effect abilities, and inportant crowd-control, but at the expense of defensive ability, limited escape options, and a requirement to carefully manage their resource: Focus. It is said that players are also one of the few classes that rely heavily on debuffs to be effective. Since they’re special trade offs, so the result is a powerful spell caster in the right hands. It is the perfect time to buy Blade & Soul Gold online.

As we know that Force Masters make full use of abilities that cause flame and cold damage, and Blade & Soul players can use more strong abilities of each type by changing into their Fire Mode Stance or Frost Mode Stance. While not all abilities require a stance, all Force Masters will need to delicately juggle how to use each, and when.

Based on the official website, we know Fire Mode Stance is the first damage dealing stance, containing powerful abilities. Fire skills stack Embers on the target, and at 5 Embers allow the Force Master to detonate them to cause additional damage, and apply the Burn debuff. When enemies are burning, fire abilities deal additional damage.

What’s more, what you can experience Frost Mode Stance in Blade & Soul are crowd control and defensive skills, as well as abilities that regain Focus; Frost skills also increase the Force Master’s character defenses. Well, if you want to improve your character’s skill or something, you can just buy Blade & Soul Gold online to well play the game. If you repeatedly use Frost abilities on an enemy may cause them to get the Chill debuff, which can restrict movement speed. Now just use Blade & Soul Gold to improve your character’s skill and abilities.

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