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WoW EU-Take Part in the 11th Anniversary Celebration of WoW

WoW EU-Take Part in the 11th Anniversary Celebration of WoW

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Posted time: Nov 17,2015

Hip Hip Hip Hooray! The 11th anniversary celebration of World of Warcraft has begun! WOW players can log in World of Warcraft between now and November 30 to earn the WoW’s 11th Anniversary achievement, WOW team will send you a special Anniversary Gift Package filled with a fun items to mark the occasion through the mail. During the celebration time, our website still sells WOW EU Gold to all of you. You can buy WOW EU Gold here with an instant delivery. Now let us have a look on what in the Gift Package:


Celebration Package – Increases experience and reputation gains from kills by 11% for 1 hour. (10 second cooldown)
Celebration Wand - Gnoll (5 charges)
Celebration Wand - Murloc (5 charges)
Exquisite Costume Set: "Edwin VanCleef"
Inflatable Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker – Using this item grants you the Feat of Strength, “Did someone say . . . ?” (account-wide)

Yes, for a nembers of glorious weeks, all WOW players in Azeroth can make up or dress up as an outlaw while turning others into murlocs (or gnolls) and wielding an inflatable Thunderfury of their own. What are you waiting for, just head up to the 11th anniversary celebration of world of warcraft with plenty WOW EU Gold.

Due to all of the heroes of the Horde and the Alliance for players’ unfaltering dedication to protecting and preserving Azeroth. Whether players are an honorable tauren, a brawny orc, a crafty gnome, or a resourceful human, the WOW team appreciates their continued support, and they are looking forward to sharing adventures with you for many years to come. So does our team, IGXE.com, we also very appreciate WOW Gold customers’ continuous support.

Join the celebration on Twitter with the hash tag 11Years of WOW, and share your favorite thoughts and memories from World of Warcraft with the rest of the community. Do not forget to buy WOW EU Gold on IGXE.com.

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