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The Guide of Leveling Fast in Dragomon Hunter

The Guide of Leveling Fast in Dragomon Hunter

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Posted time: Nov 16,2015

Recently the Dragomon Hunter Coins is hot sale on our website, IGXE.com. Even though leveling in Dragomon Hunter is not difficult, today I would like to introduce you guys some guides and tips to easily get more needed Exp sources. Also, buying the Dragomon Hunter Coins online can help you save large amount of money. There are two types of "levels" assigned to the player's characters in this MMORPG, Character Level and HL Level.


The way to leveling faster

We know that players usually mainly get EXP from quests. And like other X-LEGEND games, Dragomon Hunter is rather main quest heavy, having player’s complete task after task, only to unlock new regions and more quests. However, this does get boring after a while, and player may want to turn to other activities for their leveling needs.

Now let us have a look on the Daily Missions in game

The daily missions were another best source of EXP in Dragomon Hunter. All these missions were basically side quests that players can complete every day after their cooldown resets. These quests can be accepted from the Hunters' League Board, and mainly give characters rare loot, including crafting material and Hoppadrome tickets. Now remember that you can buy Dragomon Hunter Coins online with instant delivery. As you level up your character, you will have access to more Hunters' League Boards, as follows:

Lv10 - 20 Hunters' League Board
Lv21 - 30 Hunters' League Board
Lv31 - 40 Hunters' League Board
Lv41 - 50 Hunters' League Board

Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account!
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