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A DarkScape Players’ Suggestion of Change the Protect Item Prayer

A DarkScape Players’ Suggestion of Change the Protect Item Prayer

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Posted time: Nov 09,2015

As a DarkScape player said he has played DS for some period I stumbled on 1-item pker problem. And he also knew Jagex is trying to fix it by slowing the prayer, but failed to complete stop it.

He thinks the main problem is the weapon must be protected before the loots, for example rune halberd is valuable enough to keep over food. If you want to gain more weapons in game, you can buy DarkScape Gold on IGXE.com to exchange the weapons.

His proposal is as follow:

Exclude every combat item from protection list of the prayer whenever you are skulled.

This way players can put an end to 1-itemer and no 2,3 itemer will exist since extra armor cannot be kept. DarkScape Gold can help you to gain more armors in game.

This will also not cause problem of overpowering since change is small.

Although other skulled players are slightly punished, being more prepared should compensate that.

The declare that at their maximum gamers are wiped out less frequently only is applicable if there's nobody likely to match his level, which in turn, already leaves little opportunity for him to die since nobody dares hit him. Therefore the claim is usually invalid.

When you want to capture out a maxed player it takes plenty of brute pressure. Bandits do organize carefully, so it's not worth mentioning an alone higher level bandit counters ambushing bandits, or unskulled gamers countering bandits.

If only a weapon is excluded, definitely there will breed 2-itemers who use cheap weapon and a piece of costly armor. And they'd drop only junk. Well, if you have enough DarkScape Gold, you will needn’t worry about the price of weapons and armors.

The main problem is how you can ensure significant amount from the wealth is offered towards the victor. By forcing the gears in to the reward pool, a bandit will definitely be hunted by more powerful bandits, accumulating the wealth held, giving an authentic incentive to PK whatsoever, rather than 2-3 rune arrows which doesn't worth much.

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